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About Us

While visiting some of the poorest slums in Southern Asia, John and Sarah saw children in desperately poor situations digging through the trash.  They realized that without love, nutrition, and education, the future of these children was bleak.

Following these visits to the slums, John and Sarah and a conscientious group of leaders came together in 1993 to form Light to the Nations Fellowship, Inc. and began to work toward the goals of bringing love, nutrition, and education to these needy children.

John and Sarah still oversee preschool programs in two different slums run by their overseas national staff.  All of the children come from very needy and desperate backgrounds.  They give the children love, a hot meal each day, and an activity based preschool education.

They also recently added a coaching center and computer lab for older children who have no hope of being schooled any other way.  The children are growing and changing so beautifully.

These ministries were started from nothing and are now ongoing through Light to the Nations Fellowship, and now you can also help John and Sarah with another new ministry, a new church plant in Nashville, TN.   They are now planting a new Multi-Cultural International Church.  You can see more information under the Nashville Ministry Icon.

John and Sarah through Light to the Nations Fellowship also work with local leaders in partnership for building up relational communities in the Body of Christ in both Southern Asia and are now becoming a part of the community in Nashville too.

Thank you for your interest in Light to the Nations Fellowship.

Light to the Nations Fellowship is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization approved by the IRS.  All contributions are tax deductible.